Making home a
safe place

Helping children in Lesotho feel safe, seen, and supported so they can live without fear of the future.

child and mother

Making home a
safe place

Helping children in Lesotho feel safe, seen, and supported so they can live without fear of the future.

Trust for Africa protects children, restores and strengthens families, and equips communities to do the same.

Your support helps a child heal from the wounds of trauma within the safety of a loving family. This gives them a greater chance of restoration, resilience — and hope for the future.

In Lesotho, the odds for children to thrive are stacked against them.

1 out of 3 children are orphans


Extreme Poverty


Pervasive Abuse

family breakdown

Family Breakdown

Trust for Africa is strategically positioned to break generational cycles of preventable trauma and loss within the nation of Lesotho.

Our Approach

Our Approach - Trust for Africa
reunited mother and child

Child-centric intervention and trauma-informed care to help children heal in loving homes.

safe home
Family-focused skills training and counseling to revive hearts and homes.
community support
Community-driven solutions to support families and safeguard children so they can flourish.

When orphans and vulnerable children are not cared for in a safe, nurturing home, their risk of exploitation, trafficking, child marriages, and abuse skyrockets. We know that the strength of a family and community is what protects and nurtures children.

— Naomi Schalm, Executive Director

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care for children in Lesotho

Our Programs


Education Center

Providing tutoring, meals, and counseling to at-risk children.


Emergency Shelter

Caring for children in crisis until they can be placed in safe homes.

family strengthening

Family Strengthening

Counseling and training parents to effectively care for their children.


Trauma-Informed Care

Equipping caregivers and professionals with tools to help kids heal.


Family-Based Care Support

Advocating for systemic change to help children grow up in safe homes.

Trust for Africa is the first care facility in Lesotho to transition to family-based care. Leading by example, we provide technical support to orphanages to help them make the shift and see children return to and thrive within a family unit.

Stories from the Heart

Reuniting children with safe families — where they can belong.

From Struggle to Success: Sarah's Journey to Finding Family

When Sarah was born, her mother was a child herself -- only 15 years old. Her mother spent some time living at an orphanage with her siblings. The cycle continued as Sarah ended up in an orphanage... but Sarah's story takes a different turn.

Trafficker Caught — Community Protection in Action

A pleasant stranger approached the girl and asked a lot of personal questions...

Fostering Two Generations

Mamello was only ten years old when local authorities intervened and placed her at Trust for Africa (TFA)...

Your generous support directly funds our work with children and families in Lesotho.

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